You can give the visually impaired and blind people a better life.

Your support matters

There are more than 55,000 visually impaired or blind people in Finland. Together we can help them live better at all stages of their lives. With your donation:

  • help families to cope with the birth of a blind child
  • help a visually impaired child to attend normal school 
  • help visually impaired teenagers and adults to study and work
  • help a visually impaired elderly person to cope with everyday life, in their own home.

The Federation of the Visually Impaired has been defending the rights of the visually impaired in Finland for almost a hundred years. Without our supporters our work would not be possible.

Together with our donors we have been defending the rights of the visually impaired in Finland for almost a hundred years. Without the donors’ support, this would not have been possible. By supporting our work, you help visually impaired people to live a better life.

There are several ways to make a donation. You can:

  • deposit a gift into the Association of the Visually Impaired’s account: Danske Bank FI08 8431 2710 0120 61. Please use reference number 6402. 
  • send an SMS NÄE10 or NÄE20 to the telephone number 16499, depending on which gift (10 or 20 euros) you want to give.
  • call 0600 9 4520, and you give a gift of € 20.11 (+ VAT).
  • become a monthly donor on this Annansilmät website (in Finnish).

For more information, call 09 3960 4545 (weekdays 9–12) or send an e-mail to

Leave a legacy 

Make a lasting impact on the lives of blind people. A gift of any size goes a long way. For any questions about legacy giving, please contact our Head of Finance:
Vesa Tuunainen
tel. 09 3960 4610

Corporate partnership 

There are many ways in which your business can be involved in helping the cause. You can make a donation (Danske Bank FI08 8431 2710 0120 61, please use reference 6402) and contact us for the invoice. We also offer different kind of pro bono opportunities and partnerships to companies. Please contact our Head of Finance for more information:

tel. 09 3960 4610